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Dear Yogi,


If you've made your way onto this page then it means you have a true love for the practice of Yoga and you have an inner voice that is saying "seek further."  This is your opportunity to mentally, physically and emotionally challenge yourself so you can become an inspired Yogi, and an inspiring teacher if that is your path. Whether you decide to teach or to use this experience to deepen your own practice we are grateful for your willingness to extend the reach of this transformative practice.  Just know that embarking on this journey with us will forever change you. You will step into a state of vibrant aliveness and there is no telling where it will take you.



Your Perennial WISDOM Teacher Training Staff


the path to wisdom

Over the course of a 4-day Immersion, 6 weekends and 5 Wednesday evenings you will step deeply into the practice of yoga.  You will begin each day with asana, meditation and pranayama instruction and practice.  Working intensely with your teachers and fellow students you'll move through a program designed to deepen your practice and learn the process for transmuting that knowledge and inner wisdom so you can be an inspiring and impactful teacher. 


The WISDOM Yoga Teacher Training program offers up: 

  • Your opportunity to gain command of the basic techniques of Asana
  • Your opportunity to gain command of the basic techniques of Meditation
  • Your opportunity to gain command of the basic techniques of pranayama
  • Time to delved into the rich history and expansive wisdom of Yoga - the Yoga Sutras and the Eight Limb Path
  • An understanding of the anatomy and psyiology of the body. This enhances your appreciation for the physical and subtle body shifts that happen during practice.
  • Your chance to learn how to teach a Vinyasa style yoga class that is fundamentally sound but also creative and spontaneous and true to your expression of yoga.  
  • Connection to yourSELF. 
  • The encouragement to listen to Source
  • The nudge to step into your power and to make a difference in people's lives, beginning with your own. 

Our program gives you the richness of learning this practice and finding your teaching voice from several passionate and experienced teachers, each of whom brings their own expression to the practice and in so doing will encourage you to find your own.  

Meet the Perennial WISDOM Teaching Staff 


Program Schedule

Winter/Spring 2014 Training Starts February 20. View SCHEDULE


The Program Cost is $3,300. Receive a $500 discount for early registration! A payment plan is available.  


program catalog

Our 200 hour Teacher Training Program is approved by Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School and we follow the guidelines set forth by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board.  Please REVIEW OUR CATALOG to learn important details about the program. 

Next steps

  • Review the Schedule, read about the Teaching Staff and search your heart and soul for the answer to the question, "is this the right step at the right time for me?"
  • Talk to your friends and family and ask for their support as you make this big commitment of time, money and energy.
  • Focus on getting rest, a proper diet and practice yoga and meditation 4-5 times/week.

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